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Frequently Asked Questions

A sex therapist is like a typical talk therapist, but highly specialized and trained in topics around sexual health, intimacy, and relationships. We only employed licensed therapists and Master’s-level coaches.
Nope! Although our team incorporates "somatic psychotherapy" or talks about explicit sexual topics, there is no touching or secual behavior that occurs between our team and our clients.
There are special laws and ethics in place to keep a professional boundary between therapists and clients.
While I have a specialization in addressing pelvic pain issues, I’ve been helping people with a variety of sexual health and intimacy issues since 2006. Plus I have a team of wonderful people who are also skilled in working with these issues as well.
I’m confident we can help you with whatever sexual health or relationship challanges you’re facing.
Imagine you need to have a complicated surgery, you meet with the specialist before, they learn about your specific condition, explain all of the options and help you make the right decision for your health. It’s just like that with us. You’ll meet with Kayna after she’s reviewed your intake form, she’ll discuss more with you in person, and then she’ll create an individualized treatment plan for you taking into consideration all of your goals, availability and budget needs.
The fee for the call is $97. There may be some programs that you can apply that fee to.
I’ll review the answers to your intake questions and start to make a plan before the consultation. Then we’ll complete the treatment plan together on our call, plan for around 30 minutes (but sometimes we go longer to make sure we don’t miss anything).
Absolutely! Click here to set up a consultation call with me.
In the Strategy Call, I’ll conduct an assessment to recommend a treatment plan that is specific and unique to your needs. We’ll collaborate together on a treatment plan based on my recommendations and your resources (availability, time, finances, etc). To see if you would be a good fit for treatment and receive a tailored treatment plan, make an appointment for consultation here.
We don’t work directly with insurance companies, but we can provide insurance receipts or superbills for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. To see if your insurance company reimburses you for sessions, we've put together some helpful information about how to leverage your benefits, which would reduce your overall costs in working with me. Helpful Insurance Guide If you decide that having an expert in your corner will help you achieve your goals more quickly, make an appointment for consultation here..
Yep! CBT is an excellent tool in my toolbox of many resources I use to help treat pelvic pain. Additionally, I’ve found trauma-informed therapy, somatic psychotherapy and mindfulness to be really effective in relieving pelvic pain and improving sexual functioning.
I am! After all, chronic pelvic pain or sexual issues can have the same body-based responses as someone with PTSD. I’m certified in using the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) which is designed to teach skills to clients dealing with traumatic stress reactions and help them process trauma. TRM focuses on the biological basis of trauma and the automatic survival responses that the human body uses when faced with perceived threat. Clients often report a renewed sense of hope as their lives become easier to manage and they incorporate their new skills into life as a wellness practice.
Yes — couples, individuals, educational sessions, workshops, support groups, retreats — you name it, we can do it depending on what your specific needs are.
Each session is different depending on the needs of each individual — I’ll work with you to tailor a treatment plan to fit your specialized needs. We’ll talk about challenges you’re facing, strengths you have, past experiences, and steps you can take to make changes toward your goals. Sometimes we’ll use mindfulness or other exercises in session to help you learn powerful tools to support those changes.
It is often a combination of a lot of issues -- both in the mind and from the body. I have helped many clients experiencing Endo, Adeno, pudendal neuralgia, IC, painful bladder syndrome, vaginismus, hormone imbalance (vestibulodynia), tight pelvic floor (PF dysfunction), inflammation of the nerves (vulvodynia), anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), low arousal, erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, and differences in arousal between partners. Some of the mental health issues that enhance pain are stress, anxiety, and poor communication skills. No matter what the cause is of pelvic pain or sexual issues, if it's chronic, it's important to know how to use our body to work with you and your pain, rather than against you.
Life happens so we understand if you need to change or cancel your Strategy Call. Your reminder emails all have a “reschedule” or “cancel” button at the bottom. Just a heads up, I have a 48 hour cancellation policy, so the full fee may apply if you change within 48 hours of your appointment.
Yep. My license is Lic#87291

Pleasure doesn’t have to be painful

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Read What Others Have to Say…

Clients, Pelvic Pain Specialists, and other Health Care Providers share about their experiences with me.

Kayna has been helpful in ways I couldn't have predicted or known I needed. As a result, the impact of our sessions and the changes I have made have reached beyond sex into many other areas of my life.
— C.S.


The biggest thing for us was that Kayna helped us break down walls and really helped get us through some hurdles. I can't imagine how different things would have been for my wife and me if we hadn't seen Kayna.
— J.L.


Starting therapy with Kayna has truly changed the course of my life for the better. I was referred to her because of her speciality in female pelvic pain treatment, and my sessions with her were a critical part of my treatment to rethink the way I thought about sex and my body.
— A.L.


I began referring to Kayna’s program because I realized that she understands the importance of providing psychological treatment for women suffering with chronic pelvic pain. Her approaches incorporate proven techniques and research-based information which, as a gynecologist and a leading researcher on pelvic pain, is important for me to know that what she offers is credible and scientifically supported.
— Dr. Andrea Rapkin

OBGYN. UCLA Pelvic Pain Specialist

Collaborating with Kayna on our mutual patients with pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction has been an invaluable experience for myself and for our patients. She is extremely knowledgeable and she has helped me grow professionally. She is an integral part of the patient care team, and the work she does with patients has produced tremendous progress that would otherwise not have been reached without her therapy. I highly recommend patients and professionals to work with Kayna.
— Terry Toufanian

UCLA, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist


Working with someone who knows

I had similar sexual and mental health struggles and I overcame them...

  • I was frustrated with my doctor’s suggestions (“it’s all in your head”)
  • I felt stuck and sometimes hopeless
  • I worried that my relationship and intimate happiness was in jeopardy

And then I found the answers, through my education, experience and trainings:

  • Sexual Health Educator
  • Sex Therapist
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Certified Trauma Therapist
  • Commitment to on-going personal growth

I moved from pelvic pain, broken relationships, and anxiety about it all... to powerful pleasure, deep love and connection, and a joyfulness in life I always dreamt about.

Over the past decade, I’ve been helping others find the solutions that took me over 14 years of personal and professional research and created an effective and science-based system to help you, too.

Book a Discovery Call today so you can learn how to:

  • Find relief more quickly (so you shorten your time in treatment)
  • Save money (if you work with a generalist, it will likely take longer)
  • Work with someone who’s actually been there (and truly knows how hard it is when sex and relationships don’t work the way you expect)

You are just a few steps away from finding the relief and support you need.

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  • Uncover the mindset that’s holding your treatment back.

  • Understand how to communicate better with your partner.

  • Identify your Arousal Architecture so you can find what actually turns you on!